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The Satellite Technology Research Center is equipped with both small and large thermal vacuum chambers.
The small vacuum chamber is comprised of a domestically produced vacuum chamber inserted within a Thermotron thermal vacuum chamber. It is mainly used for thermal vacuum and thermal cycle tests of components as well as bake-out and is located within the clean room. Fig. 1 shows the exterior of the thermal vacuum chamber and Fig. 2 shows the interior. The vacuum pump system is made up of a rotary pump for primary pumping and a diffusion pump for secondary pumping. The following is an overview of the respective pumps.

Rotary pump
- Primary pump used in the vacuum pump system to achieve initial vacuum levels.
- Connected to the secondary pump to act as an exhaust pump for the secondary pump.
- Mechanical pump capable of achieving a maximum of 10-3 torr vacuum level.
Diffusion pump
- Secondary pump used after initial vacuum has been achieved with the rotary pump
- High vacuum pump using gas diffusion
- Capable of achieving a maximum of 10-7 torr (1.3*10-5pa) vacuum level

Rotary pumpRotary pump

The large thermal vacuum chamber comprises a thermal cycling chamber and vacuum chamber. It can control the temperature of the test specimen in low pressure (or high vacuum). It is used in environmental testing for the development of satellites or aerospace equipment.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber Structure
- Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber + Shroud + Thermal Plate
- Test specimen is locked to the thermal plate
Thermal Sensor Port Within Chamber
- Thermocouple(TC) T-type (chd 75Ch.)
- A female Micro-D connector is attached to the chamber

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