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The Ground Control Station was constructed along with the launch of KITSAT-1 for the control and operation of satellites. Commands and programs are transmitted to the satellite while telemetric data and measurements from payloads are received at this facility. It also stores, processes and manages all received data, and distributes it to users that request access.

The KITSAT series and STSAT-1 operation missions have been successfully completed at this station. It is currently operating the ongoing STSAT-2C and STSAT-3 missions, successfully launched in 2013.

Ground Control Station

The KAIST Satellite Technology Research Center has a total of 4 antennas which are used for satellite tracking and communication.

- 13m X/S-band receiver antenna
   Installed in 1997, the antenna can receive data from satellite payloads via X-band signals and satellite health data via
   S-band signals.
- 3.7m S-band transceiver antenna
   Installed in 2003 to control STSAT-1, the antenna can transmit and receive S-band signals.
- VHF/UHF antenna 1,2
   Installed for the control of KITSAT-1, 2 and 3, and also used to control STSAT-1. The VHF antenna is used for signal
   transmission and UHF antenna is used for signal reception.

13m X/S-band receiver antenna / 3.7m S-band transceiver antenna / VHF/UHF antenna 1,2