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Year Overview
Present NEXTSat-1 in development
Nov. 2013 Launch of STSAT-3
2009 ~ 2010 Launch of STSAT-2, first satellite launched in Korea
(First launch of 2A in Aug. 2009, Second launch of 2B in Jun. 2010– orbit insertion failure)
Sep. 2003 Launch of STSAT-1, Korea’s first astronomical satellite
May 1999 Launch of KITSAT-3, Korea’s first independently developed satellite
Feb. 1997 Construction of remote sensing satellite data receiving system
Sep. 1993 Launch of KITSAT-2, first satellite made in Korea
Aug. 1992 Launch of KITSAT-1, Korea’s first satellite
Mar. 1990 Selected as outstanding satellite research center by the Korea Science Foundation
Aug. 1989 Satellite Technology Research Center (SaTReC) Established