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The vibration machine currently used at the Satellite Technology Research Center(SaTReC) is the 1216VH electromagnetic vibration machine, 1216VH manufactured by LING. Electromagnetic vibration machine uses a power amplifier to operate the armature in an electromagnetic mechanism. This allows it to accurately conduct all necessary vibration tests. Satellites must be put through vibration testing before launching into Earth orbit and all vibration tests for the SaTReC developed STSAT-2 were conducted using this machine.

Fig. 1 Electromagnetic vibration machine(Model: LING 1216VH) - High frequency testing (broad frequency range: 5Hz ~ 3000Hz)
- Ease of installation and transportation
- Wide range of motion and easy control
- Suitable for random vibrations and various complex vibrations
- Precision in testing via elimination of waveform distortion
- High acceleration over 100g
- Clean work environment and ease of maintenance