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Objectives of SaTReC
∎ To serve as a specialized research facility under KAIST that

- fosters professionals in space research and development
- carries out research and development of core space technologies
- researches and develops small satellites

Vision and Mission of SaTReC

- Limitless exploration and pioneering in space
- Fostering professionals in the field of space development
- Contributing to the prosperity of the nation and of humanity

Strategic Goals
∎ Space exploration through small, advanced satellites

- Research and development of core technologies for space exploration
- Accomplishing space science missions through cooperation with industry, academia, and researchers

∎ Specialized training facility for space research professionals

- Fostering outstanding professionals with experience gained through participation in advanced small satellite
- Creative technology development and scientific research through educational satellite development

∎ Generating national value through research in satellite and space applications

- Promoting research in satellite applications such as space science, remote sensing, GNSS, satellite
   communication, etc.
- Furthering national interest through the transfer of core space technologies to industry and space qualification of
   domestically developed components
- Expanding national resources by leading research and resource exploration in space

Implementation Strategy

- Strengthening research capabilities: Creating a stable environment for research and education, building up talent
   pool in research
- Utilization of research resources: Shared strategic implementation through partnership and interpersonal exchange
   with KAIST organizations and neighboring industrial, academic and research entities
- Promoting international exchanges: Enhancing national competitiveness through exchanges in space technology
   and research