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Satellite Laboratory The KAIST Satellite Technology Research Center Satellite Laboratory was completed in March 1997 for the manufacture, assembly and testing of satellite structures. Temperature and humidity within the laboratory is controlled and it is equipped with clean room facilities to control the level of airborne particles.

Inside the Satellite Laboratory The Satellite Laboratory houses facilities for the manufacture and assembly of satellite structures and facilities for satellite performance testing. Satellite environment tests such as vibration testing, thermal vacuum testing and thermal cycling testing can be conducted in the lab. The clean room is always maintained at the U.S. Federal Standard 209B standard of 10,000 and below. Higher standards are maintained during satellite assembly/testing and storage through the use of clean booths. The following tasks are conducted at the Satellite Laboratory.

- Manufacture and assembly of satellite structures
- Satellite performance testing
- Environmental testing such as vibration tests, thermal vacuum tests, and thermalcycling tests
- Storage of satellite structures